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Etymologically, the word massage comes from the Arabic mass, which means knead, touch, squeeze. Therefore, it is not surprising that erotic massage barcelona has part of its roots in the Maghreb. There is more than a ritual; it is a real institution. Each week, the men and the arab women come to the Hammames, traditional hammams, to purify themselves and relax.

Why should I receive an oriental massage?

The development of the Hammames and the massages in the Maghreb is due to the prophet Muhammad, and dating back to the VII century. After discovering steam baths and massage are complementary to their neighboring greeks and romans, the prophet is convinced of its virtues, purifying for the body and the spirit. Therefore, the introduced into the religious practices and led to the construction of Hammanes annexes to mosques.

Some centuries later, precisely in the 11th century, an eminent physician and iranian philosopher, Avicenna, finished off the advantages of the practice of writing about the good therapeutic massage, which were intended to “dispel the harmful substances from the muscles that are not disposed of through the physical exercise”.

What’s the procedure and advantages?

Traditionally, all oriental massage is preceded by a session of Hammam for 20 minutes. Located in a closed space and dark with Arabic décor refined, this bathroom steam sometimes set with oil of essence of pine or eucalyptus, have as their objective, thanks to the heat and humidity, decontraer the muscles, promote the elimination of toxins, open the pores of the skin and relax both physical and mental. This phase is fundamental to the protocol massage; it is the preparation.

After a few minutes of rest out of the Hammam you can start the massage. It is practiced on bare skin and the masseuse uses oil of argan hot. The oriental massage is performed from feet to head, following the line of muscle. Alternate malaxajes, petrizaje and rellanados. The massage therapist felt the knots and tension in the muscle tissues under your expert hands and insists on the painful areas, in particular in the back. Also, working around the belly, drawing circles in the sense of the needles of the clock with their hands. Finally stops at the solar plexus and open, helping to pressure the rib cage.

  • The techniques used for this massage favors the elimination of toxins, the decontracción and the flexibility of the muscles. In fact, the oriental massage aims to provide a muscle relaxation to improve general well-being.

  • Particularly rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and polyphenols, the argan oil strengthens cell functions and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and silky.

  • Thanks to the antioxidants that it contains, the mint tea drains toxins that have been released during the massage, and participates in the regeneration of the body.