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A massage is always a good option to relieve the stress in your body because of the daily routine. But, what is your high paced life doesn’t allow you to dedicate time to yourself or to your partner? If so, the time has come to remedy and to reserve a part of the day to your relationship. Do you dare to surprise you with an erotic massage?

The erotic massage barcelona is one more alternative to increase the passion and improve sex life as a couple. The main objective of this practice is to awaken the senses to incite desire. According to the portal discoverymujer.com the erotic massage should be rhythmic and slow movements to enhance the pleasure. These are the best techniques to give an effective erotic massage:

How to give a massage like a pro

Kneading: it Is very useful in areas muscular thighs as hips, thighs, and buttocks. Lift, squeeze and roll the skin between the thumb and fingers of one hand, sliding it to the other hand. If the effect that you want to have is more of relaxation, do it slow and deep, if you want more intensity, just changes the speed. The erotic massage is an act of love, because it is through the caresses occurs a communication more intimate between the couple, as is described in the following video:

Suction pad: Give soft blows on the body, alternating hands, with the thumbs facing inwards and the fingers close together. These fast movements and light to stimulate and refresh the skin.

Wavy Massage: Close the hands to form a fist, keep half of the fingers pressing the skin, and make small circular movements. It is very pleasant if it is received in the shoulders, palms of the hands, feet and breasts.

Small strokes: This technique is indicated for areas more muscular. It is done with closed fists. Gives a light, but energetic strokes on the skin, alternating the front and back of the fist. You should leave it to the final stage of the massage as it is the most exciting of all.

Learn how to perform an erotic massage and practice it with a partner can be the first step to try new things and make your sexual intercourse more satisfying and fun. One of the most frequent complaints in relationships is the little time that is dedicated to the caresses and foreplay, so you end up turning into something monotonous and boring. Start by choosing appropriate music to create a more intimate and sensual environment, to get started in the fabulous world of erotic massage. Don’t regret it!

Once you’ve created the ideal environment by lowering the intensity of the light, looking for a nice temperature, putting a music sexy, you’ll have to hand oils and creams. Warm up your hands and choose the area that you want to begin your massage.

Erotic massage in the head

The first thing you should make your partner lie on his back, with the head resting on a cushion. In your case, stand on his knees behind him and starts for the front, making a smooth path with your finger from the nose and looks up to the hairline, alternating the left and right hand. Repeat this movement 12 times, varying the intensity of the pressure in function of the wishes of your partner. To finish, place the palms of your hands on your temples and hold the position for two minutes.

The strokes that you make in this type of massage stimulates the energy center located behind the forehead, what we call the “third eye”. This way, you will relax the tension, no stress and a deep feeling of well-being. The best time to do erotic massage on the head is to the first hour of the evening. It is recommended to do so in a very well-soft, because that will be the preamble ideal for another type of massage with more erotic charge. Even if you have no experience, this massage is easy to perform, fast, and allow you to become familiar with the physical contact of each other.

One of the things that you should keep in mind is that the ear is an ultra-sensitive and highly erogenous area, and, once stimulated, it sends an electrical impulse directly to the gut. Take advantage and tickle with the tongue or your breath. But beware! Not everyone likes to be approached too much to the ear. So let’s just drop it at the first sign of rejection.

The erotic massage is the first preamble to a passionate sexual relationship, so start at the head and continuing with other preliminary…