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During recent times they have become popular the theories which discriminate on prostitution, even in the sectors of feminism that in the past had proved to be completely opposed to any sex work. According to this view, this work is chosen freely (except for a few exceptions), forms part of the identity of the worker and in many cases, is an option to work much more cost-effective, and therefore more reasonable, than others. And people just love abu dhabi escorts! As explained by Natalia Ferrari, “I am better working as a whore than in a Mcdonald’s or the telephone operator”.

It is an argument convincing. Legalizing prostitution, claim his supporters, the workers get rid of the social estigmatization and will enjoy a better protection against the risks inherent to their work. But not everyone agrees, even among the sex workers. Rae Story, who was a prostitute for 10 years in countries such as the Uk, Australia or New Zealand, and that is defined as a feminist and a socialist, has protested against the pushing “libertarian decriminalization” and “the side project of sanitizing and legitimizing” sex work.

Technology helps in every aspect of life

She explains in an interview published in ‘Feminist Current’: the current is the result of “technological advances and the practice of post-modern focus on the individual experiences (more on that in the collective or general trends) and look at what things seem to be and not who you truly are”. In other words, the tendency to focus on personal identity and in the private sphere of the workers, more than in prostitution as a business, consumption, and reproduction of power relations is a process of “political engineering”. She knows it well, because it’s one of those prostitutes that he passed from the working class to the apparent security of the middle class… that was even worse.

Story started in the sex work freely, or as freely as you would a woman in a relationship that suffers mistreatment. That is to say, without knowing exactly its dark side. Usually, she explains, all her companions were from the working class, and ended up in prostitution because of the promise of earning money quickly and very easily. In addition, you do not need qualification. The very Story came from an environment of lower class, raised in a rough neighborhood thanks to the wages of her single mother. However, I used to tell its customers that its origins were in a middle class family, happy and conservative, and he decided to devote himself to prostitution to satisfy his “voracious sexual appetite”. Why?

So the future is here and has bring sex escorts with him. We are sure that sex industry will continue growing in the next few years.